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Summary: Software Developer with over 35 years experience in full-stack, full-lifecycle software development (20 years Java, recent Ruby on Rails). Team player welcomes creative technical challenges on complex advanced IC projects.
Languages: Experienced in Java (Spring/Hibernate/EJB/JSP/JPA/JMS/Struts/JUnit/Log4J/Javadoc/Swing/JAI), Ruby on Rails, JavaScript (ExtJS, JQuery), SQL, XML, HTML, CSS, Perl, C/C++, Ada, etc. Have programmed in everything from assembler to Smalltalk.
Application domains: Web-based intelligence applications, ETL, Advanced Imagery, C4ISR, Real-time/simulation, Instructional Design, Computer-Based Training (CBT).
OS: Windows, Linux/Unix/POSIX with shell scripts, JVM, Oracle, OS/2, Mac, VMS, p-system, bare processor (no OS)...
Design and Development Methods:
  • Agile development, Scrum, rapid prototyping, iterative lifecycle, spiral, waterfall, UML, design patterns.
  • Object-Oriented Analysis (OORA), Design (OOD), Programming (OOP). Functional and imperative programming.
  • SEI CMMi Levels 1-5. Writing and presentation skills.
  • IDEs - Eclipse, NetBeans, Aptana RadRails, Pentaho Kettle. Also IntelliJ Idea, Teamworks, Lotus Notes, Ms Visual Studio, Rational Apex, WebMethods B2B.
  • Database - Oracle with PL/SQL, Hibernate with HQL, ActiveRecord. Also MySQL, Ms SQL Server, Access. Knowledge of MarkLogic.
  • Graphics - Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks, ImageStyler, Corel, GIMP.
  • Web & App Servers - Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere, WebMethods, Mongrel, WEBrick, GlassFish.
Education: University of California, Irvine
B.S., Information and Computer Science, 1981
Clearance: Top Secret - TS/SCI FSP


April 2014 to Present General Dynamics Information Technology, Herndon, VA
Software Architect
  • Developed several web applications for IC customer, using Java, Hibernate, Oracle PL/SQL, JSP, JPA, JMS, HTML, CSS, and ExtJs Javascript, running on Apache Tomcat. Agile software development supported by JIRA, Git, Maven, Stash, NetBeans, Intellij IDEA, and Oracle SQL Developer. Created ETL processes in Pentaho Kettle.
Jan. 2011 to Dec. 2013 Whiteboard Federal Technologies, Reston, VA
Software Developer
  • Developed data layer software with web interfaces for IC customer, using Java, Spring/Hibernate, HQL, JMS, with Tomcat, ActiveMQ, Oracle, JUnit
  • Likewise developed data layer software with web and RESTful interfaces for IC customer, using Ruby on Rails with ActiveRecord, ExtJS Javascript, Mongrel, WEBrick, Apache, Solr, Aptana Studio, SQL Developer, PuTTY, and Citrix.
  • Agile Scrum development with two-week sprints, supported by Rally, JIRA, SVN, Ant, Maven, Hudson.
June 2010 to Jan. 2011 Cyberspace Solutions, LLC, Reston, VA
Software Developer
  • Developed BPM workflow software for IC customer, using IBM Lombardi Teamworks, Javascript, LDAP, Active Directory, IBM Lotus Domino, JIRA, SQL.
Aug. 2004 to Feb. 2010 Lockheed Martin IS&GS, Sterling, VA
Software Engineer Staff
  • Developed large Java Enterprise web application for IC customer. Coded business logic in Java 5 with EJB3, running on WebLogic, using Eclipse, NetBeans, Log4J, JUnit, PuTTY, Toad, SQL Developer, MagicDraw, ClearQuest, ClearCase. Designed business layer, using MagicDraw to create DoDAF and UML design diagrams.
  • Selected technology, architecture and design, negotiated schedule, met with customer, and guided junior programmer, to create small Java Struts web project for IC customer, using NetBeans, JSP, SQL, JUnit, and the GIMP.
  • Supported and documented a standardized Ruby on Rails architecture and complete development/deployment platform, enabling IC customer to create RoR web applications quickly and easily.
  • Selected technology, set up server, created web-based applications and websites for IC customer, using Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and XML, served by Tomcat, integrated with IBM Lotus Notes/Domino app. Produced graphics and audio/animation web-delivered content, using Audacity, Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, and Flash.
  • GCCS-A - Maintain GCCS External Manager SORTS Receive software, to implement U.S. Army AR 220-1 revisions. Used GNAT Ada with GPS, on Unix.
  • Web portal operational prototype: turned experimental AutoTrackXP software module into operational prototype, for DHS e-Customs Partnership customer. WebSphere Java/JSP portlet wrapper around Tomcat Java/JSP portlet app, with Oracle SQL. Web service client, using SSL/XML.
2003 to July 2004 Northrop Grumman, McLean, VA
Application Software Developer
  • Developed web portal software for IC customer, using Java, JSP, Struts, JBoss, SQL. Web application, with browser-based front end, Sybase on the back end.
1986 to 2003 The Boeing Company (MDAC - McDonnell Douglas Aerospace Corp.)
Software Engineer Specialist
  • Integrated Defense Systems: Boeing Autometric, Chantilly, VA
    • Advanced Imagery - Developed imagery display desktop software, for IC customer. Written in Java with Swing and JAI; used Forte and Eclipse IDEs to refactor/rewrite prototype imagery application into production version.
    • SoftPlotter - Created interface to MrSID Geo image file format in C++.
    • GCAS / NIMA USIGS 2005 - Software developer for a prototype distributed, three-tiered geospatial imagery storage/retrieval system. Back end used e-commerce solutions - WebMethods B2B, EJB, SQL, XML - to communicate with external legacy systems and databases. Front end used Java with JDBC, JSP, HTML, and JavaScript, to communicate with MSIE/Netscape clients. WebLogic and iPlanet application servers. NT, Solaris.
    • Webmaster for internal Boeing web sites, using Macromedia Flash, Apache, Cold Fusion, NetObject Fusion.
    • Participted in successful effort to raise SEI CMM level from 1 to 3; created SEI overview presentation, presented by myself and top management.
    • Wrote internal white paper on "CSC-based Regression Testing".
    • In 1996, wrote a CM utility application in Java 1 (using Symantec Visual Café) with Oracle JDBC Java Bean as SQL interface to Oracle server.
    • Created internal Boeing web site to edit, publish, and view a daily online news digest, using Netscape SuiteSpot with server-side JavaScript, ODBC, Ms SQL Server, and Ms Access.
    • DoDIIS AMHS - Code, test, and documentation of an Automated Message Handling System. Version A: X-windows client-server architecture in C. Version B: web-based, using C, Perl, CGI, HTML, and c-tree.
    • AAS, NERC - On-site subcontractor to Lockheed Martin Federal Systems Div., an SEI Level 5 organization. Coding, testing, and documenting 9-layer ISO network communications protocol in Ada on RS-6000/AIX platforms, for air traffic control systems.
  • MDAC Space Station Division, Huntington Beach, CA
    • Space Station MDM Software Development:
      • Prototyped Rate Monotonic Scheduler of multiple real-time Ada applications on a naked 386SX. Book boss for requirements and design documents.
      • Segment-to-Segment Attachment System: Worked with system engineers to write requirements; identified common design elements.
      • Propulsion System Simulation: Wrote Software Requirements Spec, Software Product Spec (design), and User's Guide.
      • Node Management Simulation: Tiger team, wrote Software Product Spec.
    • Space Station Advanced Software R&D:
      • Prototyped a Space Station environmental control simulation, as a network of Intelligent Agents in a Subsumptive Architecture, using an object-oriented style in Ada.
    • Space Station Data Management System (DMS):
      • Functional Requirements Analysis of DMS Functional Simulation.
      • Participated in writing DMS CEI Specification.
  • MDAC C3I Division, Huntington Beach, CA
    • WWABNCP-R - Functional Analysis (FRA, FFBDs) of top level and C3I systems for a proprosed World-Wide Airborne National Command Post that could direct a prolonged nuclear war.
    • SDI-EV - Proposal writing and Structured Software Analysis (DFDs), to simulate the Strategic Defense Initiative Battle Management satellite network.
  • 1985 to 1986 Telos Consulting Services, Fullerton, CA
    Member, Technical Staff
  • Consultant to Hughes Information Systems, Irvine, CA:
    • Designed software interface library for FORTRAN client applications to use Britton-Lee IDM database server, for a NATO command center (NEC/CCIS).
  • 1981 to 1985 Ford Aerospace & Communications Corp., DIVAD Division, Newport Beach, CA
    Engineer Associate Logistics
  • Fire Control Trainer:
    • Created prototype CBT using FORTRAN, BASIC and Z-80 Assembler.
    • Wrote drivers for static and animated graphics, plus application layer.
  • System Maintenance Trainer:
    • Developed and conducted formal training for courseware authors.
    • Developed and documented Audio/Video drivers for courseware.
  • Troop Proficiency Trainer (TPT):
    • Wrote Authoring Handbook, trained authoring team, developed exercises.
    • Expanded device capabilities through inventive use of existing features.